Our Events


A Medley of Melodies

It is time for you to get your band ready and set the stage with symphony and melody as Perspective Richter proudly presents to you its musical event ‘EUPHORIA- A Medley of Melodies’.


Prove Your Mettle

Pratidwandi is a co-curricular event that will test your bent of mind, creativity and agility. You will get to explore global news and current affairs in a creative and a unique way. This holistic event is all about competition with oneself, to prove and to become better.


Making meme, easy it seems?

Let your meme knowledge and creativity amalgamate together at our challenging yet fun event. Bizmeme is here to test your humour quotient.


TechIT to the Future

This event tries to test both your analytical as well as your interpretation skills. We will try to urge the participants to explore new perspectives, will challenge your inner IT enthusiast and inspire curiosity.


Foster your Financial Fortitude

To all the finance enthusiasts out there, we present to you Magnitude F. An online event that test your financial acumen, analyzing skills and your intellect to acquire and value companies. So Get hold on your financial gears, as we set the stage to foster your financial fortitude!


Claim the floor, it’s yours!

Perspective Richter proudly presents to you its dance event ‘FOOTLOOSE- Claim the floor, it's yours!’ So buckle up to astound everyone with your dazzling dance moves.


Harbinger of the Hortative

Aawahan is the platform to bring strong opinions and stronger oration skills for an opportunity you cannot miss. Your passionate sentiments and persuasive skills will come into play, as you debate and discuss opposing perspectives.

LYNX 8.0

A case study challenge

In a world full of competition, commitment without understanding is a liability. Here is Lynx 8.0 which is designed to present you an opportunity to unleash the innovator and businessperson in you to solve one of the major challenges we could face in the new normal.


Manifest your Outreach

Media Mojo is an event that gives you an opportunity to showcase your power of reaching out to people. The event is a perfect blend of Spontaneity and Creativity.


Lagao Online Tadka!!

Perspective Richter 10 invites you all to “FoodWars” A one of its kind event; where you get to prove your love for food once and for all.


Think Build Create

Mark-e-nova, as the name suggests, is an event that couples marketing concepts with heaps of personal innovation. It is going to be your stage to be inventive and explore the world of marketing through the lens of creativity, wit and uniqueness.


Invention Beyond Infinity

STARTUP IN 1 Million is a prolific competition where pioneers are given a shot to take their 1st step towards becoming entrepreneurs. The participants are provided a window of opportunity to test practical application of their innovative idea through venture capitalists.


Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem

“ASESINATO” means murder in Spanish and as the name suggests the whole event revolve around this theme. You get to be a part of a journey which is filled with Murder, Mystery and Mayhem.


A National Level Stock Market Simulation Game

Stock Mania is an event revolving around the domain of Stock Market and Finance. The event will test the financial acumen and analytical skills of participating teams.


A reflection of your vision and creativity

It is said that everything is beautiful in its own way, but not everyone sees it. It takes a creative and unique vision to make it visible to others. Grab your lens and show your perspective to others! Bring out your passion and we will provide you the platform to showcase your photography skills through "Pratibimb"!


Unlocking knowledge at the speed of thought

“PRATITI” - one of the most interesting quizzing events that offers you an amazing chance to discover a new perspective of the knowledge you have and to expand your horizon towards learning!


Can literature be without fantasies?

Realism is a literary genre, part of the broader realism in arts, that attempts to represent subject-matter truthfully, avoiding speculative fiction and supernatural elements. Realism in literature emphasis on true events as opposed to fiction. It attempts to represent familiar things as they are.
We are organizing this event for you to experience the magic of realism.



Rasprava is an inquisitive and exciting event in which teams will participate to compete over their knowledge about issues related to human resource management. It will encourage participants to look beyond their textual knowledge and enhance their exemplary knowledge on various disciplines and their applications.


Hope for the better

Perspective Richter 10 invites you all to aasha. Aasha a synonym for hope provides you a platform where each voice is heard where each idea holds merit and where you hold the baton of change.


Ek Kahaani, Tasveeron Ki Zubaani

A dramatic competition with various theatrical elements.
Narrate your story through a reel of pictures, using 'Dramatic Reading' and 'Dhamakedaar Monologue' skills to create an atmosphere of a live theatre performance that leaves a powerful impact on your audience.